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Tulsi Mala Beads

  1. Hand-carved, Very light brown wood beads - Bead size 7-8mm approx.

  2. Lovingly knotted by artisans in India - 108+1 beads with tassel – mala length 42 cms. approx.

  3. Clears the Aura and balances the doshas; increases devotion and aids in spiritual growth

  4. Tulsi also has medicinal properties – It is considered divine and used for Bhakti Yoga


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Origin and Originality:-

  1. The tulsi mala is a rosary made from the holy plant known as basil or tulsi.

  2. It is one of the holiest things in the Hindu Culture which deserves worshiping.

  3. Tulsi tree sometime also called as the Goddess Tulsi.

  4. Tulsi mala bead comes in sandal color.

  5. It is a beautiful thing to possess and wear.

Why You Should Have One?

  1. As soon as individuals wear this tulsi mala, around their necks or around in the wrist, they starts feeling protected and focused.

  2. It actually works very well in helping you when it comes to deal with the stress of modern time and lifestyle.

  3. It is believed that mere chant mantras with tulsi mala bead is enough for salvation in today’s Dark Age which called Kali Yuga in Hindi.

  4. There are lots of people around the world hold this mala bead with them, feel more and more concentrated every day.

  5. Tulsi mala gives an aim to the stray peoples it gives aids an aim to everyone’s life.

What Does Medical Science and Researches Suggest?

  1. Wearing tulsi mala bead may help in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases like ringworm.

  2. Tulsi mala do not let headache near to the wearer means tulsi mala wearer feels immune for headache. 

  3. It is believed that it is useful in reducing blood cholesterol levels.

  4. Tulsi also have benefits for the cardiovascular problems.

  5. Its protection properties protect the heart from the free radical of environment which causes damage.

  6. Tulsi also improves brain functioning.

  7. It improves concentration and also useful in sharpening memory.

  8. Tulsi has a great antioxidant property which also helps in the purification of the blood and reduces inflammation of the blood.

Known Gemlores and Folklores:-

In Hindus they believe that tulsi is a way to get connected with Lord Vishnu or Krishan and Rama.
Krishna devotees believe that chanting with this bead brings Lord Krishna closer even Lord Krishna starts appear in the dreaming.